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The initial exam begins with a 15 to 20-minute review and evaluation of your medical history. By performing this screening exam, our doctors can decide the safest and most effective treatment. In some cases, further evaluation may be needed, or the solution may be as simple as prescribing basic home care.

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Sleep Apnea Treatments


We specialize in the use of oral appliances as treatment. An oral appliance fits similarly to a retainer and helps to open your airways at night. It does this by keeping the lower jaw in a forward position and preventing the tongue from falling back, both of which can block the airway. Even though there are several different appliances on the market, they all work similarly to keep the airway open and stop the jaw from falling back.

Most oral appliances are adjustable. They are most commonly made of acrylics or polymers. It is important that the treatment appliance is adjustable so that you can find the best position for your unique jaw shape.

Patients who come to our offices routinely are scheduled to follow up with sleep studies. During these studies, our technicians can adjust the appliance to ensure that it works and fits well.

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