Source: – “A 9 p.m. bedtime and special pajamas: Inside Tom Brady’s sleep routine


Want to be the greatest of all time in your own life?

Take a page from Tom Brady’s sleep playbook… 

“For some people, before you can optimize sleep, you first need to stabilize,” says Dr. Jamison Spencer. “If you think your sleep might not be world-class, start off with an accurate diagnosis of what’s wrong – and then seek out highly qualified care!”

Questions to ask: 

  1. Do I snore? 
  2. Does my bed partner snore (“second-hand sleep apnea.”)?
  3. Am I often fatigued or sleepy during the day? 
  4. Do I suffer from any medical problems that don’t seem to have clear causes, like fibromyalgia, heartburn, TMJ problems, depression, or high blood pressure?

ALREADY BEEN DIAGNOSED? Great! Now – it’s critical to remember that sleep apnea never takes a night off, and neither should its treatment. That’s even if you can’t tolerate a CPAP or are traveling and on-the-go. 

GOOD NEWS! The Center for Sleep Apnea offers a CPAP backup/alternative that is:

✅  Easy to use  
✅  Comfortable & custom-made  
✅  Affordable
✅  VERY small & portable

Ignoring your sleep apnea won’t make it go away. If you’ve been diagnosed and aren’t using your CPAP or simply want a portable backup, we have safe, effective, easy to use, affordable alternatives

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Dr. Jamison Spencer, DMD, MS, is the founder of The Center for Sleep Apnea & TMJ and Spencer Study Club, a group of more than 600 dentists around the world who specialize in dental sleep medicine.

Dr. Spencer has more than 20 years of experience working in this specific field, and teaches techniques across the globe and stateside at dental meetings, universities, and for the U.S. Army.